February Newsletter

February 2020 Newsletter



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In this Issue:

Theme: Resilience
In the Interim:
Turning to the Future
The Carbon Offset Controversy
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Resilience by Kim Thomas from Pixabay

Theme: Resilience

From the WUUC Worship Team
The February 2020 theme for worship, RE, and small groups at WUUC is: What Does It Mean to be a People of RESILIENCE? Our monthly themes and resource materials come from Soul Matters Sharing Circle, a network of Unitarian Universalist congregations. A small sample of thoughts about resilience from Soul Matters: Resilience has been defined as the capacity of a …
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In the Interim


Our Six Sources

Our Six Sources
By Rev. Diana L. Smith
Dear Ones,
What inspiration do you draw from as you seek to live out your Unitarian Universalist values and engage in a free and responsible search for truth and meaning? What language and ideas make sense to you and speak to your spirit as you think about your spiritual journey? Is it the same as the language and ideas that …
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What’s New in RE


Are Our Children Learning to Handle Conflict?

Are Our Children Learning How to Handle Conflict?
By Bridget Laflin
Director of Religious Education
Hello Friends! As I thought about the January and February Soul Matters themes of Integrity and Resilience and how these concepts relate to our Religious Education program, I began to think about the challenges and successes that our RE program has faced this year. This fall, we combined our First-Eighth graders into a single class on Sunday mornings. There have …
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Turning to the Future

Turning to the Future

By Carol Taylor
This is the time of year when we enter our annual budget drive, which raises all the funds needed to operate WUUC. Our theme is Turning to the Future. As we embark on our next journey with a new minister in the coming year, it’s important to build a solid financial footing to launch our ship forward. Meet this year’s …
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Notes 4 Earth

Sticky note

The Carbon Offset Controversy

By John Hilke
This month’s Notes for Earth visits an ongoing controversy over purchase of carbon offsets (or greenhouse gas emissions more generally). Carbon offsets involve donating funds that target reductions in carbon emissions. Typically, carbon offsets involve preservation or expansion of carbon absorption areas (rain forests, for example) or investments in projects that will lead to reduction in carbon emissions …
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2020 Men’s Retreat

Calling all WUUC men. Join us April 24 and 25 at a big comfortable lodge (Mountain Springs) in the mountains near Leavenworth. About 20 of us will gather for two days of fun and companionship. Let me know if you might be interested, and I’ll send you all the details. Dewey Millar, 425-867-1781 (call or text) or dewmillar@gmail.com.

2020 Men's Retreat

Worship Team News

By Donna Johnson
Worship is the heart of WUUC. The goal of the worship team is to help create meaningful worship experiences that support our lives for the rest of the week. To that end, we’ve been building a strong team by planning for transitions and welcoming new members. We are full of gratitude for all the work that Chick …
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What’s the Board Up To?

By Terry Santmann
Board Secretary
At the Jan. 8 meeting, DD Hilke attended to collect suggestions from the Board regarding nominations for the three slots opening on the board in the next year as well as for slots open on the nominating committee itself and the endowment committee. The Board reviewed the previously stated goals for the year (from August 2019 minutes) …
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What's the Board Up To? Feb.

Blood Drives – 2019 Annual Report

Blood Drives - 2019 Annual Report

By Dewy Millar
Another very successful year serving our community. Six drives hosted and 412 donors signed up. Since the beginning of our interfaith group (founded by WUUC in 1995), we have conducted 141 drives and signed up 8,755 donors. Our next drive will be March 10 at Bear Creek United Methodist Church. Join us for this lifesaving community service. Watch for notices on …
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Totes to Go

By Grace Simons
Here we are in February – shortest month of the year! We pack a lot into this month, and that includes getting ready for the March delivery of food items for kids in two Bothell schools. As usual, we need a range of items – milk, juice, snacks, peanut butter, crackers, one-dish meals, canned meat or fish, granola …
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The Shared Pulpit: A Sermon Writing Class

Would you like to learn to craft a thoughtful, faithful sermon anchored in your experience? Learning to craft and preach a sermon is a wonderful spiritual practice and way for people to learn about worship, their faith, and their church. In this five-session class, Rev. Diana will guide you through the process of writing your own sermon. Some participants may …
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Totes to Go Feb.

Auction Item: Ask Now the Beasts!

Auction Item: Ask Now the Beasts! [s]
Ask Now the Beasts
A Slide Show and Story by Chuck Fowler
6:30 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 29, WUUC Sanctuary
By Chuck Fowler
Other species present the human species with observable evidence of how to participate in the interconnected web of all existence. “Ask Now the Beasts” will be a slide show including numerous photos of wildlife (which, if you like them, can be …
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In The Wider UU Community

2020 Interfaith Choir Festival Flyer (1) (002)
Risk_med (002)

New ‘Resistance’ Drama premieres Feb. 23

Would you be foolhardy enough to make a defiant gesture to a dictator? To her own shock, Helen, a risk-averse bureaucrat, finds herself doing just that. Immediately, her wife and son — as well as her livelihood and freedom — are severely threatened. This fast-moving drama challenges audiences to ask themselves, “Would I have the moral courage to risk everything …
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Upcoming Events

February Calendar: https://wuuc.org/calendarevents/2020-02/

Peace Circles for Racial Healing, Sun. 2/2

Peace Circles for Racial Healing [p2]
A series of Peace Circles for Racial Healing facilitated by Fernell Miller continues on the first Sunday of every month. Each Peace Circle will cover a different aspect of racial healing and will be independent of the others. You can attend them at any time in any order.

Imbolc, Sun. 2/2

Imbolc [s]
Join us for the celebration of Imbolc, the Sabbat marking the transition from Winter to Spring 4-6 p.m. in the sanctuary.

Community Game Night & Potluck, Sat. 2/8

Community Game Night & Potluck [s,k]
On Saturday, Feb. 8, we will host a community game night and potluck from 5-8 p.m. There will be all kinds of card and board games to choose from, or bring your own! WUUC members and friends of all ages are encouraged to come and play games together. We will have people of all ages teaching new games, or you …
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Community Meal, Wed. 2/12

Community Meal [s,k]
On the second Wednesday of each month from 5:45-6:30 p.m., the RE Committee is hosting a community meal in the sanctuary, immediately prior to the parent support group. It is an opportunity to support the younger parents in our community by giving them a night off from cooking and child care. And having dinner together is a great way to get to know different members of the congregation. Everyone is welcome. If you attend we ask that you consider bringing a dish to share, and/or stay to help clean up after the dinner while the parents go to their meeting. Please contact Bridget Laflin, DRE (bridgetdre@wuuc.org) with any questions.

Men’s Breakfast, Sat. 2/22

men's breakfast
Men of all ages gather to converse and eat breakfast on the fourth Saturday, at 8:30 a.m. at Haggen Grocery cafeteria, 17641 Garden Way NE, Woodinville. Information/RSVP: Brad Hull, bkhull@gmail.com.

Pledge Drive Kick-off Potluck, Sun. 2/23

Pledge Drive Kick-off Potluck [s,k]

Community Conversation, Sun. 2/23

Join Hilarie Cash and D.D. Hilke for an open, evolving Community Conversation at noon Sunday, Jan. 5 in the sanctuary. The moderators intend to encourage conversations where participants share what’s on their minds in a space that is experienced as safe, welcoming and productive by participants. Feel free to bring a snack or bag lunch. Questions: hilariecash@gmail.com or d2athome@comcast.net.

Golden Girls, Thu. 2/27

Golden Girls [os]
Golden Girls cordially invites you to join them for lunch on the last Thursday of each month. We will gather at 11:30 a.m. Thursday, Feb. 27 for food and fellowship at Russell’s (our favorite place), 3301 Monte Villa Pkwy, Bothell. We hope you will join us. Do watch for the e-mail reminder closer to the date and RSVP then so we will know how many will be at our table.
Questions? E-mail Stephana at ditzlers@gmail.com.
Camp Unity Meal [os]

Camp Unity Meal, Sat. 2/29

Join us in preparing and serving a meal to the homeless encampment Camp Unity Eastside. Look for a menu and more details as the date nears.
Nonfiction Book Club [os]

Nonfiction Book Club, Sat. 2/29

Join us on Saturday, Feb, 29 at 6 p.m. at the home of Lane Owsley and Alaine Davis for a meeting of the WUUC Nonfiction Book Club. We will discuss “Call Me American” by Abdi Nor Iftin. Abdi Nor Iftin first fell in love with America from afar. As a child, he learned English by listening to American pop and …
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Wheel of the Year: Seasonality of Pagan Spiritual Practice and Parallels Across the Six Sources of Wisdom, 2/2

Wheel of the Year: Seasonality of Pagan Spiritual Practice and Parallels Across the Six Sources of Wisdom
– Rachel Eddy

A Fearless Communion With Our Natural World, 2/9

– Reverend Kate Landis
How do we find resilience in this time of climate crises? What does it mean to have faith in the living planet?

Mystery and Wonder

Mystery and Wonder, 2/16

– Reverend Diana Smith
WUUC Journeys and Turning to the Future

WUUC Journeys and Turning to the Future, 2/23

– Reverend Diana L. Smith

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