REALM for Leaders

An important part of being a member of WUUC is participating in the activities of church life, and that includes activities outside of Sunday Service.  You have been identified as a leader of an activity or group, and have an important role in helping WUUC be aware of our members’ and friends’ participation – and make sure we know when our offerings are not meeting the needs of people in a way that allows them to participate.  This is a step by step guide for your role in maintaining this information in our new database called Realm.

Go to  You should have received an invitation to “Join Your Church Family” that allowed you to create a login for Realm.   Use that information to login.

Once in Realm, down the left hand side you will see Community, Reporting, and Giving.  Click on Community.  Then My Profile.

On your profile page, click on the Groups tab at the top of the page. For any Group for which you are identified as a Leader in Realm you are able to do the following:

  1.      Check who is currently considered a member of the group.  You can add to or delete from this list to keep the group accurate.
  2.      Schedule meetings or events
  3.      Email the group
  4.      Mark attendance for your group at meetings or events

By doing 1,2 and 4 in Realm you will be doing your part to make sure participation is visible for everyone involved in the group.  AND you can do all these things from your computer, tablet, or smartphone!

Click on the name of the group you are leading, then

Check who is in the Group and correct as necessary

Click on the Roster tab at the top of the Group’s page.  The names of all people previously identified as being in the group will appear.  Check the list for accuracy.

Adding to the group:  start typing in the “Select profiles” area.  As you start to type in a name, you will see that Realm will put up suggestions from the people in the directory.  Choose the right person to add.  To add another, just type the next name and repeat. Then click away from the name list and it will disappear.  Click the “Add” button to add everyone listed. (If adding does not work, please notify or to adjust your access rights).

If a person’s name does not appear, please let Lori Varosh ( know, and she will add them to the database.  You can also add them through the “Add person” button.  

Deleting from the group: Hover the cursor to the right of the information for the person to be removed from the list.  A gear symbol and down arrow will appear highlighted in blue.  Click this button, and choose Delete.  If the person has been participating in the group and is now resigning, choose “Keep History”.  If their name was entered in error or for any reason they have never participated in the group, choose “Clear History”.   (If deleting does not work, please notify or to adjust your access rights).

Schedule meetings or events

It’s important that all meetings or events associated with the group are scheduled in Realm.  This should be easy for group leaders to do, but if you are unable to complete it please notify our office Administrator ( and she will input it for you.

From the group’s page, click on the Events tab at the top bar, then click “Add an Event”.  Fill in the boxes with the name, date, time and location of the meeting/event.  Then click Save.

Email the group members

From the group’s page, you can use the link on the right to email to the whole group.  You can use this link to send an email to the group members about meetings or anything else you like.  Realm’s email uses your email address that is in Realm on your My Profile page to send emails directly from you.  Realm does not store emails that are sent – you will get a copy of the email just like all the other members of the group.

Take attendance at meetings

Taking attendance at meetings and events, along with scheduling meetings and events in Realm, is an important way that you, as a church leader, can help ensure that we are meeting the needs of our members.  This should be easy to do, but if you are unable to complete it please contact our office administrator ( with the list of attendees and she can put the information into Realm.

From the group’s page, click on the Events Tab.  You will see all the Upcoming meetings listed.  Click on the “Past” button and you will see meetings that have already started or that are over, including the one for which you will do attendance.

Hover your cursor to the right of the time of the meeting and a gear symbol and down arrow will appear.  Click on it, then click on Mark Attendance.  The names of all identified group members will appear and you can check the box for each person who attends.  You will see the “Marked” and “Total” numbers at upper right increase as the boxes are checked.  If there are people at the meeting other than regular group members, there are two ways to add them.  If they are WUUCies, you can use the Add person button at the upper left of the attendance sheet and identify them as a new member of the group, a leader of the group, or a guest at this meeting.  If they are not in Realm, you can add them as an unidentified guests by increasing the number of “Additional” attendees between the “Marked” and “Total” numbers at the upper right.

Attaching  Links and other Resources to your Group’s REALM page

From your group’s main page, click Resources tab at the top of the page.  Here you add files and/or links to information that your group creates in Google Docs.

Thanks so much for a being a leader at WUUC!  Your participation helps grow our community.

Just looking for HELP with Realm?  Email us at

Realm HELP team:  

  • Lori Varosh
  • Holly Beck
  • Lori McConnell
  • Lindsey Martin
  • Karen Hyams
  • Leslie Morton